New Look | Same High-Quality Work!

Influence Ocean is well into 2017 and as we had a bit of downtime between projects, it was about time for a makeover. We’ve hit the ground running with some great clients that we’ve gotten some outstanding results for as well as made some great working relationships in the process. It’s easy to get caught up in working full days, number crunching budgets and forgetting about what makes this industry so fun. Most people don’t do what they are passionate about which is truly a shame and in many cases, the potential is left untapped out of fear, complacency or both.

I’m truly happy and thankful to be doing the type of work I do for the type of people I’m lucky enough to meet. And there’s nothing better than practicing gratitude by giving back to people who may be where you were and don’t quite see the solution. So, this site will offer free solutions, suggestions, and pieces of training for small business owners, consultants or DIY’ers looking to expand their knowledge base and business. Some of these will be in blogs, email subscriptions, Facebook groups, videos, group training or 1-on-1 calls. We want to create a base of motivated marketers, developers, and consultants who are willing to share information and elevate their community’s businesses as well as their own entrepreneurial endeavors. I look forward to meeting some of you reading this and feel free to send me questions in the footer form below.

Thank you for your business and for spending time on our site!