Nautical Boat Club Franchise Rebranding

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“My company Nautical Boat Club was in the process of rebranding and looking to create a new web site for our national franchise locations. My wife who was working on social media for a local realtor recommended Mark at Influence Ocean.

Based on my past experiences, this project was not something I was looking forward to. In the past I’ve always had to lead these projects and provide constant handholding, and I’ve always had a difficult time communicating with web developers.


Nautical Boat Club Old Website

Previous website landing page


Fortunately Influence Ocean exceeded our expectations. They led the process from start to finish, always did more than we asked, and obviously take a lot of pride in their work. The site looks and performs great, we’re making huge improvements across the board from conversion tracking to SEO.

This will ultimately give us the data we need to spend our marketing dollars much more wisely in the future. I’m confident that this investment will more than pay for itself in the long run.

nautical boat club old locations page

Previous website locations page


Having to work with multiple franchisee’s must have been challenging for Influence Ocean, but they got it done and everyone is happy. This has been a huge win for our company. I highly recommend them.

new volente boat club page


Tom Gardiner
CEO – Nautical Boat Club
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